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Music I listen to

I like comic books. A lot. I have about 14,000 comics but I'm planning on selling at least 5000 of the comics over the next few months. I have about 800 hardcover comics. Hardcover's are my collecting specialty. I used to post on this board all the time, but I had to take a break from comics for a couple years. Now that I'm back to collecting I'm really excited about all the new material being put out in hardcover, but I also think they are starting to put out too many hardcover's each month.

Besides comics I'm a huge baseball fan. Yankees fan since I was born, even through the long drought until 1996. I haven't missed a game on TV or radio in 4 years (I'll never work nights again!). All time favorite player is George Brett. Current favorite players are Mariano and Arod. I'm also a huge fan of baseball history and have a collection of 200+ baseball books.

I live on a lake and I go fishing just about every day and usually more than once. Largemouth bass are the fish of choice. I'm currently raising money to stock my lake with smallmouth bass as well.

I'm also a photographer. My main area of interest is shooting live hardcore and punk bands. I've been doing it for about 15 years and I do it mostly for my own personal enjoyment, though I do occasionally take on paid work.

Some favorite comics: Fables, Teenagers From Mars, The Wretch, Starman, Hitman, Sandman, Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Avengers and Captain America.

Comic Writers: Alan Moore, Willingham, Rick Spears, Waid, Busiek, Ennis, Bendis, Johns.

Artists: Charles Vess, Phil Hester, Alex Ross.

Non comic writers: Max Brooks (I've read World War Z five times), Tolkien, Bowden, Mailer, Walt Whitman.

Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sin City, American History X, Big Lebowski, Serpico, Seven, The Professional, Reservoir Dogs, Magnificent Seven, Bad Lieutenant, Dog Day Afternoon.

TV: The Wire is my all time favorite, Kids in the Hall, The Office, Penn and Teller Bullshit!, Deadwood, Band of Brothers.

Music: Clutch, Hot Water Music, Bad Brains, Deadguy, James Brown, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, John Lee Hooker, John Coltrane, Ice T, Jackie Wilson, Grey Area, Sepultura, Mississippi John Hurt.